Important notice about COVID-19

Just like you, we’re concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are here to support our most fragile pediatric community. We want to share with you how we are assisting our community and assisting families.

The Abigail E. Keller Foundation is honored to announce the creation of the Abigail E. Keller Pediatric Special Needs fund with Hospice Austin. This fund will help the families of pediatric hospice patients during these times of uncertainty.

In addition, we have reached out to the Dell Children’s Comprehensive Care Clinic and are currently working to support the families of medical fragile children by providing gift cards to families to help with any supplies, food, and medication that is needed.

We are committed to helping medically complex/fragile and terminally ill children and their families through these challenging times. We wish the best for these families and hope that these funds will provide some relief and assistance to them.

Please help us help these families by donating directly to the Abigail E. Keller Foundation.

Please stay healthy and stay safe!

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The Abigail E. Keller Fund contributes to the community by helping medically fragile children
and their families by providing resources to programs that support these families throughout their special journey. The children and families that benefit from the fund seek friendship, support, guidance, resources, and more as they navigate life with medical and physical challenges. The fund will help clinics, schools, and organizations that often work with tight budgets and competing demand for dollars, by providing funds for items that may not otherwise be provided for in the budget.

The Fund will be used to fund programs and needs for clinics under the Dell Children’s Medical Center like the
Comprehensive Care Clinic, The Children’s Blood and Cancer Center, and the Pallative Care Team. These clinics provide many services for children who are fighting serious illnesses and disabilities. Fund money will also go to Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas and schools that serve special needs children to help buy needed equipment and supplies. These and other programs that provide services, awareness, and support to sick and special needs children and their families will be eligible to apply for funds.

The Abigail E. Keller Fund will help medically complex and special needs children and their families by promoting awareness and programs that will assist them in various ways to improve their quality of life.

Board of Directors

Melissa Keller

Travis Keller

Amy Slack

Diana Thomas

Randy Eads

Sharon Halloran

Sara Wagner

Jean Bruns

Sylvia Mraz

Robin Mitchell

Advisory Committee

Kennidi Rue Werley

Dr. Rahel Berhane

Dr. Anne Marie Case

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